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Day ten in Shirakawago


This series documents my 15 day trip to Japan in April 2019. I wrote and sketched everyday and when I got home I wanted a way to process my experiences so this is the result - a print for every day I was there. I feature in all these prints - I am the large eared fox like character with the stripy jumper!

On this day I took the bus from Takayama to Shirakawago’ a small traditional village in the mountains showcasing a building style known as gasshō- zukuri. It was without doubt one of my favourite days - I was so entranced by the houses, they have so much character and each one was unique. I also had a wonderful savoury breakfast consisting on a salmon fillet , pickled vegetable salad, nato and miso soup - a far cry from my usual sugary start !

I print everything from my studio using a small wooden hand press and my etching press. The finished result is unique and original with no two prints being alike.

- Size 25cm x 27cm
- Printed on cream zertal smooth paper 120gsm
- Printed with caligo inks
- Each print is signed
- Edition of 35